Discover New Ways to Boost Your Retail Business!

Learn How E-Commerce Will Help Improve Retail Sales
Brick and Mortar + Ecom “ The Evolution of Retail”

Selecting the correct strategy? Local—Regional—National

As a brick and mortar retailer you need to be active in e-commerce!  Well provide you with the best road map to success.

Presented by:  Bob Lapointe, Tailbase & Don Deeds,  Coaster

Wednesday, November 13th - 11am & 2pm
Thursday, November 14th - 11am & 2pm


Take Advantage of Digital... Don't Let Digital Take Advantage of You!

Learn how to make digital help you save money and run your business more time and cost-effectively! 

Presented by:  Ted Gular, Renaissance

Wednesday, November 13th - 12:30pm
Thursday, November 14th - 12:30pm