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Renaissance, RenCom Group, LLC , CEO


Learn How To Win With Digital Retail

Maintain and grow your sales in the new digital age of retail.  Learn how you can capitalize on expanding your market on the World Wide Web.

Thursday, November 8th - 11am
Friday, November 9th - 11am
Renaissance, RenCom Group, LLC


Digital Advertising Tools, Metrics & Strategies

Learn about available tools you can use to compete with the
Amazons of the world in the new digital age of retail.

Thursday, November 8th - 2pm
Friday, November 9th - 2pm
Chris Taylor, Guardian Protection Plan


You May Want to Rethink Your Furniture Protection Strategy

A call to action for furniture retailers.  Navigating through a challenging landscape of plan coverages, retail messaging, and program operations to find the right formula to delight your customers and protect your brand.

Thursday, November 8th - 12:30pm
Friday, November 9th - 12:30pm
Renaissance, RenCom Group, LLC

About Ted Gular

Ted Gular founded Renaissance in 2010, initially as a favor to help a friend with his furniture stores. After spending the next few years developing a dynamic eCommerce platform that synergizes traditional and nontraditional marketing strategies, Renaissance has become one of the largest eCommerce website providers in the industry. Today, Renaissance has over 2,000 retail clients in over 36 countries, and the company provides a full range of marketing services including SEO, Paid Search, Print, Social Media, Video Production, and Reputation Management. Ted Gular is a relentless individual who is passionate about his work and is constantly seeking new ways to bring innovation to the furniture industry.

No Cost Digital Audits Available For Retailers – Throughout The Market!

Renaissance, RenCom Group, LLC

About Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor is Vice President of Sales for Guardian Protection Products.  Chris started his career in the furniture industry selling advertising for Furniture Today in 1997. He’s spent the past 15 years in the furniture protection business, managing both sales and operations for several of the largest product providers and program administrators in the category.