About Us

About MAC Expos...

Welcome to MAC Expos, the definitive partner in forging industry connections through our specialized business-to-business trade shows across the United States. Leading the vanguard, we craft experiences that do more than showcase innovations; they cultivate meaningful business relationships.

Celebrating Over 35 Years of Excellence, our rich history has endowed us with unmatched expertise in hosting over 350 distinguished events. At MAC Expos, our role extends beyond that of mere organizers; we are architects of growth, committed to providing both attendees and exhibitors with unparalleled value in every interaction.

Our Diverse Portfolio is a testament to our adaptability and commitment to excellence. We seamlessly blend markets, from the bustling Furniture & Accessory Markets of the Northeast and Southern California to the dynamic trade environments of the Southeast. Each event is carefully tailored to meet the diverse needs of industries we serve.

The Total Pro Landscape Expo & Conference stands out as the Northeast's premier Green Industry Trade Show. It uniquely merges the format of a traditional conference with that of a trade show, encompassing key industry segments such as Landscape, Hardscape, Nursery, Tree Care, Excavation, & Site Work. Participants gain access to extensive continuing education opportunities and a trade show featuring over 150 companies showcasing products from A to Z.

Mission at Heart, MAC Expos is propelled by the goal of connecting buyers and sellers in settings that transcend mere transactions. Our carefully curated events are designed to ignite discussions, spur innovation, and equip participants with the knowledge and opportunities needed for substantial growth and success.

Join Us in this expedition of discovery, connection, and expansion. For further information, partnerships, or details about our upcoming events, please contact us at 732-449-4019.

We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to our next show, where the future of business takes shape.